Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Dining Outdoors

Well, the first signs of fall hit us here in OKC the last two days and now
all of a sudden I'm in a fall mood.

I just can't do it when it's 90 - 100 outside but Friday it was 60 
and will be cool today too.

So I started thinking about lovely fall outdoor parties.
That one above is amazing! I love the layered scraps of burlap on the table.
Just a few white and green pumpkins plus white mums make a perfect
fall display. I love all of this completely. The rough farm table with lace and 
shabby candelabra and candle holders. 
This is truly piece of art come to life.
Lights strung amongst the blaze of autumn trees.

Like I said, yesterday the weather changed and I spent it curled up with the weenies.
This photo reminds me of my Franklin.
I call Franklin my little fox cause he looks like a little fox except
he has droopy long ears and he's black, tan and white spotted.
Other than that he looks like a fox.
So it's really a stretch.

Did you know that when foxes are kept in captivity, 
their ears start to droop?

Anyway, yesterday I watched hour after hour of Penny Dreadful.
It was on Showtime in the spring. I wanted to watch then but I don't have Showtime.
So I found it yesterday On Demand and yippee...a tv-athon for me!
I can't resist anything with Josh Hartnett in it.
We don't see enough of him in my opinion.
 Everyone is good in it. 

It's a perfect show for Halloween - time. 

And it happens just that fast.
Last week I couldn't imagine fall ever coming again and this 
week I'm all in the mood for pumpkin - anything!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mod Mix Monday #166

I'm loving that paneled wall in this photo and the sconce and all the fun florals.
I guess I never tire of florals in pinks and turquoise. 

Last week I went with Mom to pick out new eye glasses.
These are what she chose with my approval.
They are kind of a gun metal gray that changes depending 
on what she is wearing to black to blue to gray.
Isn't she cute in them?

I also got my air conditioning fixed. Wednesday morning...I had cool air again.
It wasn't anything too complicated....a worn out capacitor. 

It was so brutally hot that the weenies and I slept on the back deck for three nights.
The first night I took a large papasan cushion out there and covered it with sheets and pillows and the
dogs looked at me like I was crazy.

It took a bit for them to decide to join me.
The next night, I couldn't get the bed made without them all in it as soon as I'd put something down.
I had to keep moving them so I could finish making the bed.

Oh...they were all about it. They loved camping outdoors!
All except for Violet. She refused to.
She slept in a dog bed in the breakfast nook just beyond the open door. 

She was not into camping at all....nope...camping is not for her no matter how hot it was in the house.

She is such a Queen.

So here we go with my favorite things you shared in last week's Mod Mix Monday...
 Martinel created this wonderful vintage looking clock.
 Martha of Martha Leone Design took an old cabinet, added wheels and paint
and now it's very cool. I love the way she styled this too.
 Melissa of Shabby Love decorated her booth space for fall.
Look at these little deer and moose heads she made to sell!
Very cute.
 Brooke aka Creative Country Mom shared her Flea Market Styled Living Room.
I love the bit of lace she tied on to this lamp shade.
Jamie of So Much Better with Age gave a tour of her lovely home.
I could really spend some time in her living room. 
and finally...
Kelly of Groovy Green Designs couldn't get excited about painting her barn until she decided
to paint it with a mural design. 
It still has a hint of a red barn but it really compliments the house.
It's just fun!

This past weekend the weather was rainy on Saturday but Sunday it was just perfection.
It had cooled to 80 degrees.
I have to admit as soon as it cools a little...I do start getting that fall feeling.

Share your Mod Mix's in this week's party below.

Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Open House Sunday

Cottage on the Park
This little cottage currently available in Edgemere Park!
That's my neighborhood!
built same year as my house 1931
This house sits high up on it's lots over looking Edgemere Park.
What a wonderful view! 
 The living room is warm but light. I adore those two green chairs.
Love that they painted the fireplace white.
I like the vintage buffet turned media stand.
Nice big dining room.
I totally love the finishes in the kitchen. 
Subway tile is always good. 
This is a very big kitchen for the neighborhood.
Very pretty master. Love the headboard and those sconces. 
Of course I'm all about the vintage tile bath!
This is the first time I've seen a separate room for the toilet complete with arch in this neighborhood.
Looks like there is french doors off this second bedroom.
I love that. 
 Kids room has a great rug.
If I owned this house...I'd live in this room. 
 Backyard includes an outdoor fireplace. 
Wouldn't it be fun to decorate around this feature?

See full listing here.

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