Friday, March 27, 2015

More Potting Benches truly feels like spring here now.
We had our first round of tornadoes Wednesday night.
The city of Moore, Oklahoma got hit, yet again.
I don't know why anyone lives there.
It's so risky!
I know for many it's just their home town and they aren't going to leave it.
I get that...but if it's not your home town...why would you move there?
It's the capitol of tornadoes.
But I really is spring now with all those storms about and I'm
still thinking about potting benches.
I love that blue one above. It's a great color.
This one made of an old window and an old sewing machine stand is truly different and pretty.
This one is made of pallets and crates and painted green....pretty cute...yes?
This one is old and rustic - love the addition of the mirror.
Just a perfect table makes this one.
This one looks professionally made. 
It's pretty but lacks the charm of those that are made of odds and ends.
This is actually a sink/potting bench. It's got lots of charm!

Thanks to all of you that wrote telling me how happy you were that
my Mom adopted Daisy.
I loved all your stories about your own adoption of old dogs. 

I saw photos of her the other day where she was in the bed next to Marcus.
I forgot to get them off Mom's phone but I'll get them and share.

How is your spring starting off -
cold and snowy or warm and stormy?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Daisy Too

Introducing Daisy Too!
Two weeks ago my Mom adopted a little 10 year old dachshund that needed a home.
A friend at work knew about her and asked if I wanted her.
With Violet being sick I just couldn't take on another...but I mentioned her to Mom
and when Mom heard her name...she couldn't resist.
Her name is Daisy.
You know we lost our own Daisy in February.
She looks very sad in this photo and she was very sad.
But each day she is happier and happier at my Mom's house.
The first night she slept in a dog bed in the kitchen, her choice.
The next night she came in and slept in a dog bed in the bedroom in the middle of the night.
The next night she followed Mom's other two to bed but again slept in the dog bed on the floor.
After two days of that...she decided to join the others in my Mom's king sized bed.
Mom says now she has claimed her spot in the bed and can be found there all day 
when not awake.
She had so much to learn in her new home. How to use a doggy door. How to eat off a spoon.
She has the softest ears. She is just the perfect little dog.
She does love to eat and weighs almost 30 pounds.
That is why Mom is hand feeding her to limit the amount she eats.
But Mom says she wakes her at 6:30 am each day asking for food.

At first Mom thought it would hurt to call her Daisy since we'd had our own Daisy.
But Mom said she really did seem like a Daisy so she is calling her Daisy Too.
Mom's Marcus really likes her and Rosie thinks she's ok.
I'm sure it's confusing to them that Mom is calling her Daisy when they KNOW it's not THEIR 
But all are adjusting. 

It's good to know that even though we lost our little Daisy...we've been able to give another Daisy
a happy place to live out her golden years.

I always say...
There is nothing better than a puppy except a dog and the only thing better than 
a dog is an old dog.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mod Mix Monday #185

I am very much aware that there isn't anything modern about the above other than
it is happening in a modern world.
I just love that small porch. What a pretty spot to have a morning cup of tea.
Love those chairs and the chandelier and the lace curtains.
Pier 1 has a new line of outdoor furniture that looks very similar to these chairs.
 Isn't it nice?
 Actually, I'm thinking these would make great host & hostess chairs in my dining room.
Something else to wish for.
In the meantime here are my favorites from last week's Mod Mix Monday!
First up....look at this lovely beadboard bed tray made of scavenged items found by Joan of
Scavenger Chic. I think this might be the prettiest bed tray I've seen.
Luann of Lovely Livings set a pretty Easter table.
Darrielle of DD's Cottage did a unusual paint job on this little dresser.
Don't you like the bits of real wood showing through?
A pretty pony themed birthday party at Simply Suzannes.
Ann of Duct Tape and Denim shared a tutorial on how to make tape measure bracelets.
I love the mix of the old tape with a rhinestone pin.
Note to self - Make one of these!

Please join in this week's Mod Mix Monday!
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New and old together...
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