Friday, April 24, 2015

On the Subject of Kitchens

 That kitchen above is Vanessa's of Vintage Whites Market Blog.
I LOVED this kitchen. I adored that big turquoise vintage cabinet and the cubby hole shelves above it.
But look what Vanessa went and did! 
She stripped the paint from the cabinet and changed things up.
I thought I didn't like it...I missed the old version.
 But after viewing both versions back and forth...I've decided......
I like the new version better! This really shocks me cause I loved it as it was soooo much!
A big plus are the windows they added which really brings light into the room.

Ok...which do you prefer?
The original kitchen with the turquoise cabinet - we'll call Version1

Version 2 with the new changes?

Thursday, April 23, 2015


In Blue
I don't know if I love this kitchen because of it's mint cabinets or because of those big pink
hydrangeas surrounded by all that mint.
I do think it has to do with the touch of brass in the lanterns too.
I'm loving pink with brass these days.
So I haven't been getting much done around the house currently.
I'm busy selling furniture and helping others make their houses look great and so mine 
is on the back burner....
but the other night I started installing these bin pulls on my kitchen cabinets.
It was going pretty good until one of the drawers had a hole that wasn't quite in the right spot.
Meaning I needed to adjust the hole with my drill and that is where I stopped.
Because my drill was not charged. I'm charging now and hope to get back on track.
 But I'm not feeling my bin pulls. 
I had to get the ones I got cause they were the only ones that fit my existing holes. 
I'd rather have had some like above. 
I'm hoping this will not end up being a case of that I'll never like them because they weren't exactly 
what I wanted. Might be! 
I'm hoping I'll like them more once all are on.
 I was going through some of my kitchen pins on Pinterest and noticed that I'd pinned several with 
blue walls. 
My kitchen walls need a change...and perhaps this is the direction I will go.
 I love the nook that the sink sets in on this one. I have a sink faucet just like that one -
waiting to be installed. I hesitate cause I want a new sink and a new backsplash to go with it.
And how long will that be?
I know I just need to go ahead and install it!
 See more pretty kitchens on my Pinterest Kitchen Board.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mod Mix Monday #188

I'm in love with that silver finished chest. I never would have thought to mix it with a 
Chinese print, dog and geometric lamp. Oh...yes...I'd have done the flowers and mercury glass.
Just teaches me I need to think out of my decorating comfort zone....cause this is WAY pretty!

Speaking of WAY pretty...there was lots of pretty in the last Mod Mix Monday...
take a look...
First up... Jen of Noting Grace painted her dining table to go with 
her new house. It turned out amazing!
Look how beautiful this desk is after being redone by Mary of Orphans with Make Up.
Pam of Everyday Living shared this colorful village she visited in Provence.
 I love the way Darrielle made over this little vanity at DD's Cottage.
 Look at this lovely mix of roses, lace and wisteria from Jan at Just Jan Blog.
 Su of Butterfly and Bungalow showed off her adorable little kitchen. 
I'd much rather have a kitchen like this than any big huge kitchen.
Isn't it precious?
 and Cecilia of My Thrift Store Addiction was kind enough to share her trip to Round Top. want to go to this show. One of the guys I work with went and said it was so good.

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New and old together...
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